About us

In Tatín Ultramarinos we seek to offer a casual atmosphere, highlighted by the careful decoration of our premises creating a subtle and daring environment without departing from our main focus: the quality and format of each of our elaborations. We offer the evolution of the classic concept of the tapa to a more advanced and modern one where, in addition to the tradition and quality, the plating prevails.

In our menu you will find a wide variety of dishes and tapas prepared by our chefs, who will make you experience gastronomic and wine sensations from all over Spain and other latitudes, transporting you from deep sea chasms to the freshed and high mountains.

When you visit us remember that, in addition to the dishes included in our menu, we also have suggestions outside of the menu that our staff will offer you in order to try delicious dishes available for a limited time. Originality, creativity and ability will allow us to offer you new gastronomic ways that will be the delicatessen of your palates.


"We are not what we say. We are what we do."

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